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Severed: Forest of the Dead [Jul. 29th, 2006|05:45 pm]
The Infected


So I saw the movie at Wal-Mart yesterday but I was rather unsure if it was going to be any good so I didn’t buy it. After I got home last night I looked it up on the net, the all thing zombie forums and was surprised at how many positive reviews it got. So I knew if I was back up Pikeville this weekend I would have to pick it up.

The movie stars TJ Kim, Martouf Lantash, Billy Keikeya, Judge Biederman, David Kendrick, Rya Kibbey….ok if you’ve not caught on yet those aren’t real actors but characters from either The 4400, Battlestar Galactica, and the two Stargate shows. I could have went on with almost every actor on in this movie has appeared on one of those 3 shows or a number of others that are filmed in Vancouver Canada (Andromeda, the L Word, etc).

There are a lot of predictable scenes going into the movie, so much so they were scenes I really wanted to see after reading the premise of the movie. On an island where a logging company is operating a group of environmentalist is trying to stop their operation. I think one really positive thing I can say about the movie is it is not preachy from either point of view. Which is very hard too do.

It’s a movie that is played serious, and the zombies are slow two things that help the movie (imo).

A few of the predictable scenes and other spoilers behind the cut!

The reason for the outbreak is the character of Carter and the logging company using some sort of biological agent to use on the trees, not really gone into much. Catch is Carter is also an environmentalist (or at least that is how I took it).

The outbreak starts with a logger as he cuts into a spiked tree that is also one of the experimental trees, the chainsaw jumps from the tree, etc, etc. You learn later in the movie whom spiked the tree.

And I knew the scene was coming and I got a hellva kick out of it when one of the protesters set out to chain they’re selves to a tree…you just knew at least one of them would get eaten while chained up.

The tree hugging vegan Rita (Sarah Lind who I can easily become a fan of hers, lol) chopping a zombie up with an axe.

A very good scene involving another group of Loggers, very much like the rednecks in the Night of the Living Dead remake (using the zombies as sport).

Visually, this movie does not look cheap and honestly could have been one of those few with a limited release in theatres.

One of my disappointments was the character of Tyler dying at the end for basically a stupid reason; he should have never tried to save Carter. Especially when he got to Carter and could see there was no hope of saving him. It was just stupid, especially considering the scene before he pulled Rita away from Mac after he was bit. So the only character that lives is Rita. I really think that should have been the final scene of the movie, Rita running by herself down the road in the rain/dark. Instead they do have a scene with the father looking at a picture of him and Tyler in the woods.

The makeup on the zombies is very well done and there is a lot of gore but at times it seems very tame when compared to other movies of the sort.

I’ve done decided at the end of the year I’m not only going to redo my top 10 list but make it a top 25 zombie movies. This one though not a top 10 zombie movie does belong in the top 20.